AmyK keeps it simple.
She ignites your brilliance.

As a Keynote Speaker and Think Tank facilitator, AmyK focuses exclusively on the critical thinking skills and behaviors
required for your brilliant leadership, innovation and self-actualization.

Brilliant in business. Happy in life.® That’s her promise…to you.

AmyK’s Favorite Adage:

AmyK shows you how to maximize your power & potential.

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Does your company need:

  • a more cohesive, energized and engaged culture?
  • stronger communication skills and healthier cross-functional interactions?
  • more alignment and collaborative synergy for greater momentum?
  • more thought-provoking (less boring) problem-solving meetings?
  • practical, cool tools to ignite more growth?

in your BUSINESS

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“The greatest benefit by far from AmyK’s work with our sales and leadership teams has been improved communication. The understanding of where team members are coming from and how to communicate effectively has made a tangible impact internally. Secondly, we have used the #1 Most Effective Conversation Tool to enhance our meetings and one-on-one conversations. Our sales and project management staff are seeing very positive results as they use this tool when working with clients to close deals and effectively manage contracts after the sale.”

– Titus Crabb, President, Vertech

Do you need:

  • to spark your mojo and re-ignite your passion and direction?
  • to get un-stuck or figure out why you’re resisting your next great chapter?
  • clarity and a stronger sense of leadership?
  • to expand your self-awareness and self-understanding so you can play bigger?
  • cool tools that’ll give you a kick in the “mental arse” for creating your legacy?

in your LIFE

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"Spending time with AmyK is captivating and uncanny all at the same time. It’s like she’s been in your head those nights you wake up at two a.m. to worry and wonder about life and what the right path is. She has this way of asking the one question that makes you go, “Whoa, are you a mind reader?!”

– Paul Noris, President & CEO, Bank of Central Florida

Upcoming events

September 3, 2015 Pathfinders San Diego, CA
September 17-18, 2015 Ignite Brilliance in Your Leadership Dallas, TX
September 20, 2015 Ignite Brilliance in Your Leadership Tucson, AZ
September 21-23, 2015 Ultimate Life Experience Orlando, FL
September 30, 2015 Ignite Brilliance in Your Sales Napa, CA


AmyKism 8
AmyKism #8 Video
| by AmyK

The dog days of summer are just about over…but I’m not done talking about dogs! Or cats. (Though I’d much rather talk about dogs.) Check out AmyKism #8 to ignite some self-reflection: How worthy are you of your followers?

Woman of the Year
Can you relate?! …at least have a smile on us
| by AmyK

Tired of fakin’ it until you’re makin’ it?! Tired of wishing for a longer straw so you could drink straight from the bottle?! Just tired?! You’re not alone! (Really- you’re not!) We’re poking fun of leaders who “appear” to have it all together, but… for a.

AmyKism 7
AmyKism #7 Video
| by AmyK

It’s summer! Which means beach umbrellas, SPF 150 (hey, you know who this is) and treats! But instead of doing the same ole thing you always do on vacay…I want you to hit refresh! Take a moment to cleanse your “mental palate.” Check out AmyKism #7.

AmyKism 6
AmyKism #6 Video
| by AmyK

Have you checked your zipper today?! Someone just share their negative, not-so-constructive feedback with you? Someone just dump all over your ideas and enthusiasm? Some couch potato just “thumbs down” your post? In a world where it’s easy to feel drained by the destructive diatribes of.