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AmyK International is one of the only executive development company focusing exclusively on leadership, innovation & neuro-sales tools in an era of rapid change, needed perspective shifts and decreasing face time.

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AmyK International offers a unique perspective and practical approach to show…

Executives HOW to be better leaders
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Sales professionals HOW to produce greater sales

Teams HOW to streamline problem-solving, sharpen decision-making,
and work with greater synergy
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We IGNITE BRILLIANCE® in your people.

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Thursday, Apr 10 2014

Have you heard? Innovation is the key to future success! Right…as it’s stated in approximately 275,000,000 sources – safe to say it’s obvious. What is far less obvious? How. While creativity is most certainly an intimate part of...

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Questions that Must Be Answered Before Starting a New Year

Thursday, Dec 12 2013

The holiday season is often overwhelmingly about hustle and bustle, parties, too many cookies and presents…lots of presents. Need more meaning from the holidays? Give the gift of peace to yourself so that you might be a better gift to...

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Great Leaders Drive Great Results – Take the High-line from Jimmie Johnson

Thursday, Nov 21 2013

Last Friday night former Philadelphia Eagle QB, Donovan McNabb, in his guest role as a panelist on “Fox Sports Live,” enraged NASCAR fans everywhere when he said Jimmie Johnson was absolutely not an athlete. “Do I think...

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"The most beneficial part of AmyK's program was that it ignited hidden leadership potential in all attendees.
Thank you, AmyK, for bringing about positive change in my career and in my life."

-Edward Roske, CEO
interRel Consulting