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Leadership and sales happen one conversation at a time.
You are responsible for the quality of this conversation.

AmyK International is one of the only executive development companies focusing exclusively on leadership, innovation & neuro-sales tools in an era of rapid change, needed perspective shifts and decreasing face time.

Critical conversation in your future? We can help. Contact us.

AmyK International offers a unique perspective and practical approach to show…

We IGNITE BRILLIANCE® in your people.

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    Ignite Brilliance in Your Creativity & Innovation, Costa Mesa, CA

  • Mar

    Ignite Brilliance in Your Leadership, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Mar

    Ignite Brilliance in Your Leadership, San Diego, CA

  • Mar

    Ignite Brilliance in Your Communication, Phoenix, AZ

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    Ignite Brilliance in Your Leadership, Jackson, MS

  • Apr

    Ignite Brilliance in Your Leadership, Tucson, AZ

"The most beneficial part of AmyK's program was that it ignited hidden leadership potential in all attendees. Thank you, AmyK, for bringing about positive change in my career and in my life."

- Edward Roske, CEO
interRel Consulting