Want to ignite your thinking?

AmyKism #34 (Video)

There’s one sport leadership ain’t: spectator. Get off the couch. Get out of the board room. Stop the conference call. Brilliant Leaders Supply Less Talk & More Action. Wanna change the world? Wanna grow your company? Wanna make a real difference? Watch AmyKism #34 – and.

AmyKism #33 (Video)

Neuro-science teaches us that a positive frame of mind increases ideation and improves our ability to solve problems. Life teaches us that trying new things leads to greater experience. And we are more willing to try new things when we’re feeling positive. And what does experience.

AmyKism #32 (Video)

Doing the same-o same-o may be easy, but it’s not exciting. Nor innovative. Nor competitively sustainable. Want to make a positive impact? Want to transform lives? Want to not be the most UN-interesting man or woman in the world?! Want to be a better you? Watch.

AmyKism #31 (Video)

What happens when leaders do THIS for 21 minutes a day? Creativity. Innovation. Better decisions. Brilliant results. (for starters!) Watch AmyKism #31 and see how even 21 minutes can make a BIG difference.