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AmyKism #37 (Video)

We all make mistakes. We all have trespasses and we’ve all been trespassed against. Move on. Get over it and go forward. AmyKism #37 is a short, sweet reminder that we’re all human. Start letting go of the icky stuff from 2017 so you can gear.

AmyKism #36 (Video)

Why is it so hard for some people to wish others well? Um…their own insecurity?! Want a truly healthy company culture? Watch AmyKism #36 for a brilliant reminder that the best leaders are sincere & specific when it comes to praising their people.

AmyKism #35 (Video)

Feeling stuck? Lacking clarity? Experiencing a little tension or frustration…or a lot?! There’s one thing you can do right now to feel a little saner…and more in control. Watch AmyKism #35 and discover how to stop shoulding on yourself.

AmyKism #34 (Video)

There’s one sport leadership ain’t: spectator. Get off the couch. Get out of the board room. Stop the conference call. Brilliant Leaders Supply Less Talk & More Action. Wanna change the world? Wanna grow your company? Wanna make a real difference? Watch AmyKism #34 – and.