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AmyKism #29 (Video)

Whether you have a strong sweet tooth or prefer salty crunching it’s important to savor the good things in life. Summer provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the sweet & sour of your business and life. Watch AmyKism #29 and see if the flavor profiles.

AmyKism #28 (Video)

Need an excuse to get out of your office? Then watch AmyKism #28. When you join other departmental meetings, talk to people across the aisle, or simply witness how others work…you learn. And this learning fuels your ability to tackle your own challenges and seize the.

AmyKism #27 (Video)

Your company just won an award, made headlines with a groundbreaking IPO, or just got recognized as one of the best places to work. Suddenly – you’re an overnight sensation. Or are you? Watch AmyKism #27 to discover the truth about what really happens “overnight.”