Business Think Tanks

IGNITE BRILLIANCE in your leadership

Leadership happens one conversation at a time. You are responsible for the quality of this conversation. Which means you are responsible for the quality of the thinking in this conversation.

Need to raise the quality of your questions? Need more thoughtful answers? What’s the secret of brilliant leadership? What questions should you be asking to drive higher performance & productivity and a culture of excellence? How can leaders be a catalyst for igniting brilliance in their teams and creating unprecedented competitive advantages as well as profits? Through humor, insight and experience, AmyK provides leadership tools that have immediate practical applications for increasing performance and productivity levels in individuals and teams.

Depending on your needs, AmyK can share the 2 critical elements leaders must “sell” each & every day; the 5 questions leaders need to ask to best influence and foster productive behaviors; how to create and retain high performers; or how to grow a healthy, profitable organization. These tools are just examples…AmyK has lots of brilliant, practical tools you can start using tomorrow – heck, you can use ‘em today!

IGNITE BRILLIANCE in your culture

Is your culture like an old dryer? Your clothes are coming out dry, but it’s taking longer, there’s more lint build-up and occasionally there’s a strange smoky odor as if a few parts might actually be burning out.

How do leaders facilitate an inspired culture of “us?”

How do individuals and teams successfully tackle and resolve the tough issues?

How do organizations overcome the “dysfunctions” of their inherently talented teams?

The blame game is easy. The solution game is easier… with the right tools. It’s also a great deal more productive. In this Think Tank, leaders explore the fundamental causes of lackluster cultures and learn tools to resolve conflict, increase commitment and create a cohesive, healthy environment for themselves and those they lead. Turn automaton soldiers into engaged, self-driven, critically thinking team members and your culture starts to get fascinating…which attracts more brilliant talent.

Culture is created one conversation at a time. The right conversations lead to the right behaviors that propel individuals and organizations forward successfully… not with “sis-boom-bah baloney,” but with genuine energy and passion.

IGNITE BRILLIANCE in your communication

Did you seriously just write that in an email?! Tell me you did not send that response as a Reply All?! You said what to your customer with that tone?! Oh no…you didn’t really start your sales presentation with that lame intro did you?

Your thinking style influences your communication style. Understanding your thinking style and the styles of others helps you become a more effective communicator, whether it’s for informing, persuading or entertaining.

How do you leverage the connection between thinking, communication and performance? Know your thinking/communication preferences and how they affect behaviors in planning, productivity and performance. We all have the ability to adapt our communication to:

  • communicate with those who have similar preferences as well as those who think differently
  • improve decision making and problem solving
  • appreciate diverse thinking preferences and how they contribute to outcomes
  • see beyond mental blind spots to reach breakthrough results.


Instead of complaining that you need more sales, ask your sales team, “How do we define a great client relationship?” Incorporating the latest brain research, AmyK shares Socratic questioning techniques to increase the productivity of your sales system from lead generation to check received. Through 3 critical components: Questions, Thoughts and Connections, AmyK shares how every successful sale is closed with 3 steps inside the brain; the #1 Most Effective Sales Conversation; the 4 questions every prospect must be asked; and why an objection is just an opening to close!

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IGNITE BRILLIANCE in your creativity & innovation

It’s time to THINK DIFFERENTLY! After several years of cloudy skies, executives are actively shifting from survival mode and risk aversion to seeking off-the-chart growth and game-changing behavior. In this highly interactive and engaging program, AmyK will share exercises to foster Theta time problem solving and help you and your team make a lasting impact. Does your company have the right skills to take on tomorrow? Do your people possess the behaviors necessary to create a culture that fosters innovation and generates long-term growth? What’s the secret to getting your next great idea? AmyK shares how to generate more creative ideas and how to take these ideas to market…fast! Learn More

Who Should Attend? – Whether you’re an intrepid business owner or gutsy corporate “intrapraneur,” our Think Tanks are one of the few leadership programs you’ll ever experience that produce real change and measurable results.

CXO’s and Business Owners – Business excellence begins with excellent leadership. Our Think Tanks are your opportunity to ignite brilliance, inspire creativity and gain smart techniques and innovative strategies for getting actionable ideas that generate profitable results.

New Executives and Aspiring Leaders – Make your move. Our Think Tanks do not teach you how to simply emulate great leaders. They provide you with powerful tools you can use right now to make the leap from rising performer to transformative leader.

HR Executives and Directors – A powerful talent strategy arms you with both the capacity and flexibility to capitalize on change. Our Think Tanks will help you do what you do, even better: attract and retain top talent.

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