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“AmyK’s personality coupled with her proven processes & tools, provide an organization a fresh external perspective. As part of her dynamic and no-nonsense modules she tailors specifically for her clients. AmyK is an instant superstar who spreads her positive, inspiring and visceral energy across an organization with only few minutes’ exposure. She asks the thought provoking questions that bring about growth and achievement. Don’t think twice, invite AmyK to make your team better today!”

Paula Teigen, Sr Staff, Business Development Finance & Business Operations, Lockheed Martin Space Systems

“AmyK truly ignited the imagination, passion and business focus of our teams. AmyK is not only energetic and engaging, she possesses a unique business edge. Her uncanny ability to quickly connect, quantify the needs of her listeners and hone in on the tiniest of business threads allows her to share insights that foster greater self and organizational awareness. AmyK has an inherent capacity to listen for what’s needed and draw out the concerns, passions and ideas of business leaders. She is authentically selfless in her contributions and has provided priceless value to my team through her regular consulting and presentation during this year’s annual conference. She brings to the conversation the wonderful combination of creative problem solving and straight-ahead, no-nonsense business strategies. AmyK’s approach: brilliant simplicity, with a dose of irreverence, kept my teams engaged and challenged them to rethink their management strategies and trade in old-school thinking for results driven innovation. Each team member left ready to engage their staff in new levels of accountability and commitment to increasing topline revenue. Post event, we saw an elevated focus correcting outdated systems, generating team think tanks, energizing team leaders and driving new innovative ways to reduce costs. Directly due to her presentation we saw elevated accountability to deadlines and a refocus on driving projects to success. Adding AmyK to your organization will not only encourage a new level of leadership to emerge in your company but it will also lend to more purposeful team engagement and a renewed focus on innovative processes. AmyK fires you up - I highly recommend that you make her an asset to your winning team.”

Eric Greenwald, President & COO, Grimaldi’s

“'What a powerhouse speaker!' 'Loved the topic and her energy level!' 'If anyone could ignite one’s brilliance, it would be AmyK!' Those are the comments we heard over and over again from attendees at our Women in Banking Conference. AmyK was a wonderful speaker with a message that really resonated with our audience. She kept everyone’s attention, interacted with our attendees, and she tailored her message directly to our audience. Not only that, but she was easy and pleasant to work with!

Debbie Jemison, Vice President, Illinois Bankers Association