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Leaders often say, “It’s lonely at the top.” Not anymore! Dive into these brutally honest, laugh-out-loud, insightful monologues and discover that you’re not alone.

The Leadership Learning Curve can be daunting. And humbling. Through the intimate, private lens of 14 different leaders, AmyK pulls you into the lives of relatable characters by ingeniously capturing the fears and foibles they face on a daily basis– the secrets leaders keep.

AmyK’s unique story-telling approach brings fresh thinking to leadership excellence. These stories reveal secrets that most leaders would not normally share - secrets about their politics, philosophies and perceptions. Secrets about who they are, how they play, why they lead in a certain way, and secrets about what prevents them from leading more effectively.

Each story is a creative amalgamation, representing the themes and patterns AmyK witnessed while working with executives from hundreds of companies around the globe over the past twenty years.

Underneath the title, the role, or the business jacket of a leader, is a human being struggling to figure it out - a leader with secrets. If you relate to one of these leaders’ struggles, triumphs or perspective, or even think, Hey, this is eerily me, that’s the point. Each story poses questions that as leaders we must ask and answer for ourselves. It is only when we have answered these questions and gained insight and clarity, that our learning can be applied with wisdom. And the world could really use your wisdom!

“AmyK’s Secrets is a tremendously engaging read! By using creative storytelling followed by provocative questions, AmyK reveals the fears and foibles we all face, sparking readers to reflect on our own leadership challenges! AmyK’s characters give us plenty to think about along the humbling journey to becoming a leader worthy of our followers.”

Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller Triggers

"I was thrilled to see AmyK’s energy and inspiration jump off the first page of the book. AmyK has never pulled any punches and she isn’t going to start now. She sees right through our
personas and knows what makes us tick, what makes us thrive and what holds us back. In Secrets, AmyK reveals her insight into leaders like us - our vulnerabilities, insecurities and strengths –
then shares her questions that challenge us to become the best version of ourselves. I am thrilled to have this new source of AmyK’s brilliance and humor at my fingertips."

Ali Flint, Chief Financial Officer, interRel Consulting

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The Secrets Leaders Keep

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"AmyK’s unique blend of intelligence, insight, irreverence and practical tools skyrocketed my leadership results. As each of us prosper, fumble and reflect on our quests to become better leaders, AmyK's unique ability to always make us ask "the better question" amazes me. Her ability to intensify the secrets in each of these characters leaves you thinking, 'That's my former business partner, competitor, mentor or heck, this one is me!'"

David Robinson, CEO, DSM


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