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The #1 Thing That Makes You Most Happy

AmyK, Keynote Speaker - prioritize quality conversations & connections with othersFrom the moment we’re born we rely on our connections to others.

Robert Waldinger, Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, leads one of the most comprehensive studies of emotional well-being.

The study began in 1938 and included President John F. Kennedy and longtime Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee as original subjects. True Facts!

Scientists eventually expanded their subjects to include the children of the original participants. They examined vast medical records, hundreds of in-person interviews and questionnaires, even brain scans.

So, what did Waldinger say when asked to present his findings on this unprecedented study?

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”

Your #1 priority if you want to be happy in 2019 is to ensure you prioritize quality conversations & connections with others.

To healthy, loving relationships that fuel your happiness!




That means now. As in, take action. As in, prioritize connection tonight. i.e. leave the devices for an hour and go talk to one of your favorite peeps.

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