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1 Way to Surely Sabotage Your Success

Quote about regret from leadership speaker, AmyKWe all say stupid stuff.

We’re human.

Blush, apologize, hit the reset button, toss up some self-deprecating humor, do what you need to do.


I want you to do one thing above all else.

Cut yourself some slack.

Stop replaying it over and over and over until you’ve invented this awesomely oh-so-not-helpful soundtrack, titled: I’m a dipshit.

I know, it’s got an awesome beat and could be one of your top 100 playlist choices, but honestly, it’s garbage. If you’re really looking to mess with your mind, just start singing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall… that’ll screw with your head, but not your self-worth.

To being kind to ourselves.



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