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3 Questions to Get a High-Performing Team (AmyKism #40)

I’m pulling no punches this week.

Warning: Watching this video might make you a skosh uncomfortable.

For a dose of directness, check out AmyKism #40, and answer my 3 questions at the end.

But only if you think you deserve a brilliant, high-performing team.

[FREE TOOL] Are you still relevant? You sure?!
| by AmyK

Hey there! Something new comes along. Daily. Right now we’re all trying our best to understand: • Blockchains • Cryptocurrencies • How best to redo our brackets now that “March Madness” is in full maddening mode. Whether we desire to invest in a cryptocurrency or not,.

What’s luck got to do with it?!
| by AmyK

Tomorrow there will be thoughts of: Green bagels & beer Too much cereal added to your Lucky Charms marshmallows Wearing green or risk getting pinched Being Lucky I wish you a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day and include three of my favorite quotes about this concept of.

1 Tip to Get the Attention of Your People (AmyKism #41)
| by AmyK

STOP. Imagine yourself saying something that ACTUALLY gets someone to look up from their phone enthusiastically. I know, pretty sweet, huh? Because it’s so rare. Here’s the bottom line: Leaders who praise their direct reports – specifically and selectively – get the attention of their people..