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3 Questions to Get a High-Performing Team (AmyKism #40)

I’m pulling no punches this week.

Warning: Watching this video might make you a skosh uncomfortable.

For a dose of directness, check out AmyKism #40, and answer my 3 questions at the end.

But only if you think you deserve a brilliant, high-performing team.

The 1 time planning zilch is beneficial
| by AmyK

Wanted: no agenda. Easier said than done. I get it. And still doable. Because taking time “off” for a day re-energizes your “on” the next. So stop thinking of all the reasons you can’t snatch a day for you, and start planning… zilch. Seriously, just pick.

Are you cray, cray? & other helpful feedback
| by AmyK

We all know it takes multiple minds to get sh*t stuff done. BUT…it’s also very important to pick these minds carefully. As a brilliant leader you know it’s more than just the trite adage: “There’s no i in team.” You know that who is in the.

A Brilliant Bad-Ass Leader You Should Know [#2] 
| by AmyK

This year I’m introducing you to a few of my favorite peeps in an interview series called A Brilliant Bad-Ass Leader You Should Know because each of these brilliant folks offer sage advice & provocative perspectives that will shake up your thinking so you can be your biggest,.