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Keynote Speaker, AmyK shares how a bunk bed teaches us how to let our inner child play

Oh, yes I did!

This picture is of the bunk bed in my hotel room last night. So what does a 47 year old weary traveler do when faced with this ridiculous “kid” bed? Get ridiculous too! I climbed the ladder. I crawled under the covers. I pulled out a.

Motivational Speaker, AmyK asks you how you're playing the game of life

How do YOU play the game?

It’s a game. The good news? You get to choose which game you want to play. You get to choose how you want to play it. Are you going to be super competitive and get pissed off? Are you going to get completely stressed out and.

Leadership Speaker, AmyK shares the dumbest thing to say about success

AmyK motivational speaker, shares 1 tip for reaching and exceeding your goals

1 Tip to Reach & Exceed your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are a joke. And before you eye-roll at me – you know there’s truth in what I’m sayin’. And my empty gym is proof. Staying committed to our resolutions is easy on January 2nd, not so much on January 30th. What happens between.