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How Taking a Trip Gets New Ideas On Track

Need another excuse for a little R&R? Boost your creativity by getting away from it all. The most creative, innovative executives take leisure travel on purpose. And that purpose is not just for R&R, it’s for I&R – innovation and re-creation! They know that travel can.

3-D Meetings – No Funny Glasses Required

You and your team are facing an extraordinary opportunity – one that could dramatically change the course of business in the years ahead…for the better. There are, however, decisions to make, plans to create and, of course, actions to take. How do you ensure that the.

Brilliant Leaders – Convert Creativity into Innovation

On September 8, 2011, David Kappos, Director of The United States Patent and Trademark office signed and presented the eight-millionth patent in the history of the United States. Since the very first patent was secured in 1790 it took 121 years before US citizens reached the.

9 Questions for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

People often say they just need the better answer to move ahead of their competitors in business. We believe you need the better question. Why? The brain triggers on questions, and when you ask your brain a really great question, only then do you get the.