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Keynote speaker, AmyK shares quote, Be open to unexpected moments of joy

The #1 Xmas Gift for 2018

The holidays can be a time of great cheer, celebration, Elves on Shelves, and the excited pitter-patter of little feet. It can also be a time of loss, loneliness, grieving and reflection. This year, no matter your current circumstances please give yourself the gift of grace.

Keynote Speaker, AmyK shares how to respond after you act stupid

1 secret ingredient in your profitable business

What do the most delicious cookies & wildly profitable businesses have in common? They each contain a secret ingredient. While magical cookie ingredients are highly debatable, in business, the secret ingredient must be YOU. When you can pinpoint EXACTLY what your magic is with crystal clear.

How NOT to Do It

2018 was filled with a lot of noise. If you’re not careful, you’ll get swept up in the comparison current. Watch AmyKism #57 for a short reminder of what NOT to do if you want to end the year profitably and start 2019 with a bang!