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Suffer from any of these 5 symptoms? (AmyKism #48)

Brilliant leadership is not easy. You don’t get to be first. You don’t get to be selfish. You don’t get to take the easy way out. Nope! But you do get to… walk through the fire. take one on the chin. travel the high road. Watch.

3 Questions to Get a High-Performing Team (AmyKism #40)

I’m pulling no punches this week. Warning: Watching this video might make you a skosh uncomfortable. For a dose of directness, check out AmyKism #40, and answer my 3 questions at the end. But only if you think you deserve a brilliant, high-performing team.

It’s Worth Doing THIS for 2018

It’s easy to get distracted. Shiny objects abound. As does internet surfing, the need for a sandwich, political noise, a reheated cup of coffee, watching a youtube video, oh look… a squirrel! We’ve all heard the classic research that says, Focus on 3-4 things and you.

How to Better Manage Change

What’s a constant in our lives?! Change! What’s not a constant? How we manage & navigate it. Some days we handle it well…other days…not so much. What if you knew: the 4 stages of change; 8 “kick-change-in-the-arse” tools/exercises to navigate each stage more deftly; and 5.