Client Survey

We are humbled and
honored by their responses.
And stoked – really stoked!

What challenge, need or pain point did you hire AmyK to help you tackle?

  1. We hired AmyK to help us grow our Leadership Team.
  2. We needed a new mission statement/vision/passion.
  3. We hired AmyK to help with leadership as well as to help develop a Sales Team Playbook.
  4. To have our team work together to form a sales process based on AmyK’s methodology.
  5. We hired AmyK so that we could challenge our Management team to begin thinking critically. In the past, AmyK did a great job of tasking our team to think beyond convention.
  6. We hired AmyK to present at a customer conference. Bonus, we are using her material to make our own management team better.

What outcomes or results were achieved from AmyK collaborating with you and/or your team?

  1. The tangibles were some fabulous tools. Some of which we used to literally change the way we do business and they ignited us to the next level. The intangibles are that team communication and understanding increased significantly. As such, the team is much more cohesive.
  2. AmyK helped us put structure around the sales team and how it operates. She also helped us with goal setting and strategy to reach those goals.
  3. The sales team was motivated to work together to take the knowledge from what they learned at the AmyK training and formalize into a format that would work best within our company.
  4. Our conference audience was completely energized and left with some key messages & implementable take-a-ways that they could use in their organizations right away.
  5. Our Management team began looking at their daily operations from an "outside the box" perspective. A number of our managers commented on their success in doing so.
  6. She helped us grow personally.
  7. We are implementing a Culture handbook.

What 3 words or short phrases describe AmyK’s approach/style?

  1. Engaging, Direct, Efficient.
  2. Analytical and Thought-Provoking. Intelligent and Creative. Caring, while delivering results.
  3. Powerhouse, Brilliantly Intense, Refreshingly Candid!
  4. She cares. Sounds soft- but it’s actually refreshing.
  5. Dynamic, Knowledgeable, Interactive, Detailed. Not 3, but she’s all of them.
  6. Energetic, Charismatic, Effective.

What value did AmyK bring to the table?

  1. Simple yet effective tools. Her stuff works! Love her alignment tool.
  2. Mitigation/mediation of the team, able to move us out of non-motion into action.
  3. She delivered better communication and taught us to ask better questions. She delivered increased sales results.
  4. I had never seen our sales team be so engaged from the various trainings we’ve done until AmyK. Our sales team has really bought-into her tools and they actually took it back and implemented what they learned.
  5. She was able to energize the audience and get them to buy into an innovative & creative approach to the way they lead their teams.
  6. AmyK's ability to challenge our team's way of thinking was perhaps her greatest deliverable. Each member of our team was challenged and encouraged to engage in problem solving practices. It was refreshing to see so many thrive in that setting.
  7. We’re getting stuff done!

How would you describe AmyK’s secret sauce?

  1. She has a way of helping you see what's right in front of you and teaches you how to handle it and move forward.
  2. Gifted in engaging people and hearing what they are saying to develop impactful outcomes.
  3. Insanely captivating... she is so down to earth and relatable, yet equally brilliant that you can't not listen and as a result you are simply inspired to try something different.
  4. Real world experience. Tools/processes that can be used in the real world.
  5. She is able to effectively communicate a plan for drawing out your inner creative & innovative mind so you can create a culture of positive & successful change.
  6. AmyK's passion for promoting change and her energy are truly ingredients that make up her secret sauce.
  7. She’s dynamic, engaging and real. Little uncanny how well she knows what you’re thinking!