Want to ignite your thinking?

How do YOU play the game?

Motivational Speaker, AmyK asks you how you're playing the game of lifeIt’s a game.

The good news?

You get to choose which game you want to play.

You get to choose how you want to play it.

Are you going to be super competitive and get pissed off?

Are you going to get completely stressed out and miss the funniest moments?

Are you going to get creative and implement a new strategy?

Are you going to learn from a loss to return victorious?

Are you going to take reckless chances or calculated risks?

Are you playing with people you even like?

Are you playing the game you really, really want to play?

Are you playing full-out before it ends too quickly?

Are you playing in such a way that when you look back, no matter what happens, you win?

It’s a game.

Remember the good news.

You, my friend, get the miracle of choosing which game you want to play.

And every day you get to choose how you want to play it.


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