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How to Unhook with 3 Questions

Motivational Speaker, AmyK shares how to get "unhooked"We’ve all been hooked.

By a headline. An enticing infomercial. A charlatan’s promise. A thought pattern.

We’ve all been caught up in the wrong current.

Group think. Gossip. Unfortunate trends. Bad habits. Negativity. Unhealthy relationships.

In order to release ourselves from whatever entraps us, we must ask ourselves:

  • What was I craving when I chomped onto this hook? [security, self-worth, peace, validation, a sense of belonging…]
  • How might I more ideally feed myself what I was craving?
  • How might I create connections [internal & external] that will support my detachment from this hook?

Only when we take a hard look at the emotional needs and attachments we crave can we save our own neck from the dangerous hooks.

To giving ourselves the understanding & love we need to live out our fullest potential…freely.




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