Life Think Tanks


Our IGNITE BRILLIANCE in your LIFE Think Tanks are for “graduate level students of personal development,” for people who love learning and expanding their self-knowledge and for leaders that need a safe place to go to mentally stretch and be stretched about playing bigger and bolder.

There will be no “Circle of Life” wheels, no Goal Setting sheets, and no dolphins. Though we’re kinda bummed about the dolphins because dolphins are amazing creatures.

Seeking a more mentally challenging, yet still ridiculously fun and kick-ass experience to ignite how you think about creating a more meaningful, energized, happy life? Exactly why we created a whole different kinda Think Tank!

We create one helluva passion-igniting, energizing, life-changing experience.

  • View the world (especially yours) with new eyes
  • Modernize your mindset and rejuvenate your mojo
  • De-stress, detox, reboot…mentally
  • Transform…it’s not just a buzzword…it’s a result!

How are we different? We ignite Theta states. Huh? Great question. Glad you asked. You can read more about Theta states here, but as it pertains to a Life Think Tank, imagine a recipe combining the philosophical enlightenment of the 17th and 18th century salons, mixed with Ina Garten and Wolfgang Puck’s love child serving the sustenance, throw in a heaping cup of creative mental exercises and activities that foster high-level dialoguing around mind-blowing questions, add a tablespoon of journaling, and you end up igniting your thinking with some of the coolest people that you will swear you’ve ever met in your entire life. When you finally sit down to consume this stunning creation you consume the most amazing deliciousness you’ve ever tasted… your big, bold, brilliant life.

We’ll ignite your thinking around your life story with questions such as:

  • What’s the current headline for your life? Is this the headline you want?
  • Where do you source your energy and expectations? Time for a new source?
  • What are you resisting, judging and attached to? Need a little mental freedom?
  • How might you better leverage your contradictions? Quirky is cool!
  • What hidden agreements and beliefs do you tell yourself that are truthfully dishonest?

And if you’re still bumming about no dolphins, many of our Think Tanks occur on coastlines where you often see dolphins in their natural state, leaping quite majestically. No extra charge.

Join us – you deserve to take two and half days to invest in clarifying, creating and living your most brilliant life. And the world needs your brilliance. It really does!

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