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Does your company have the right skills to take on tomorrow?

  • Creativity is an internal process that generates the next new idea.
  • Innovation is the external process that brings this idea to market in order to create a social and/or economic effect.
  • Leaders that understand these differences and create systems and structures for both, consistently outpace their competitors.

What’s the curriculum content? How does it help?

Creativity and innovation are core skills needed to sustain your competitive advantage and successfully address today’s most pressing business challenges. Creativity is often perceived as a highly mysterious gift granted to a limited few, but it’s actually a pretty straightforward process and a learnable skill.

Our IGNITE BRILLIANCE in your creativity and innovation program clarifies the 5 central stages of the creative process, debunks many of the myths surrounding creativity, and shares tools and exercises to spark different types of critical thinking that yield innovative results.

Lousy thinking is costly, both in energy and dollars. Our IGNITE BRILLIANCE in your creativity and innovation program expands your team’s mental capacity and skillsets to solve problems, generate ideas and take these ideas to market…fast.

Our curriculum includes:

  • A model to identify the various stages of creativity and innovation
  • A common language for creating a more creative and innovative culture
  • The various types of thinking required in each and every stage of the model
  • Creativity tools, techniques and frameworks
  • Leadership and management skills for creating a culture of innovation
  • Resilience tools and exercises for working through setbacks
  • How to lead and foster creativity in others

Through experiential learning (not boring lectures) participants are emerged in problem solving challenges and then immediately asked to transfer this type of thinking to their real-world scenarios. It’s this perfect blend of theory and practical application that makes our tools sticky and sustainable for long-term profitability.

Who should attend?

  • Busy business leaders who want to increase the critical thinking in their people
  • Teams tasked with creating innovative systems and processes or better services and products
  • Anyone who needs bigger, bolder ideas or even just a few better ones
  • Teams tasked with seemingly impossible deadlines
  • Anyone who wants to go beyond best practices and create NEXT practices

How does it work?

IGNITE BRILLIANCE in your creativity and innovation is a content customized program, tailored to fit the goals and needs of your company. Typically, attendees include managers, senior executives, R&D teams, a blend of all three groups or a specific team needing a “shot in the arm” for better results and more creative output.

This program is available as a 3-hour overview session or as a more in-depth 1-day or 2-day course. Investment varies depending on length of program selection and number of participants.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at contactus@amyk.com or call 760.652.4030.

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“AmyK teaches us that innovation should be part of our daily operations- it needs to be ingrained in our processes, not just a buzzword. Our metrics and KPIs are now linked to innovation – not just improving something strategically, but transforming something that changes the industry, your customers’ behaviors or both. AmyK provides you with practical tools and her questions force you to think in a different way.”

– Robert Nilsson, VP & GM of Software & Supply Chain Intelligence, Dematic Corporation

“AmyK is a one-of-a-kind speaker and she was the highest rated speaker of our entire conference! Her “Ignite Brilliance in Your Innovation” session at our supply chain conference was exhilarating, refreshing and most of all, thought provoking. AmyK asked provocative questions to spark creative problem solving, she shared the differences between creativity and innovation and showed how smart leaders can create systems to improve individual and company performance. It was an eye-opening experience to learn how all of us can tap into more creative and innovative thinking and behaviors. If you are looking to add tremendous value to your team or to an event, engaging AmyK is a sure win!”

– Rhett Asher
Vice President, Asset Protection, Data Security & Crisis Management, Food Marketing Institute

“During our AmyK innovation training we learned how to better utilize and unleash our creativity to solve problems. Too often we get stuck following the tried and true methods of our daily routines. AmyK shared practical tools and methodologies for getting out of our ruts, expanding our critical thinking and enhancing our problem solving abilities, both individually and as groups. The most valuable tool of the day, for me was the “Lightning Round” which in a matter of minutes helps unlock the deeper, more insightful questions needed to innovate, and I still use this tool regularly today.”

– Edward Roske, CEO, interRel Consulting

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Program Objectives

  • Understand the difference between creativity and innovation...and why it matters
  • Recognize the five different stages in a creativity and innovation model and learn how to best apply the types of thinking required in each stage
  • Practice a range of creative thinking techniques to induce Theta time and generate bigger, better, bolder ideas
  • Utilize higher-level questioning processes and critical thinking techniques to increase problem solving skills
  • Apply creative, innovative and critical thinking principles to your real world challenges
  • Challenge the status quo

Getting an ROI on
Creativity Training

Frito-Lay - documented cost savings of almost $600 million due to their creativity training programs

GE - reported that a two year in-house creativity course resulted in a 60% increase in patentable concepts

Pittsburgh Plate Glass - creativity training showed a 300% increase in viable ideas compared with those who elected not to take the course

Sylvania - several thousand employees took a 40 hour course in creative problem solving. ROI: $20 for every $1 spent

Source: Arthur VanGundy, 2005

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