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Recently overheard conversation at the airport (AmyKism #54)

Young Woman:  All our parents do is work. I’m not working that hard.

Young Man:  Me neither. What’s the point?

Young Woman:  I know, right? Life is supposed to be LIVED. To be fun.

Young Man:  All that work for what?

Young Woman:  I know, right?

Young Man:  I’m hungry.

Young Woman:  Me too.

Young Man:  Let me text my dad and make sure he put money on my card.



You’re not alone. Watch AmyKism #54.

Sometimes, you just gotta clean up the piles, turn in the timesheets, write the paper, do the grunt work.

Successful people don’t like grunt work anymore or any less than unsuccessful people.

They just roll up their sleeves and get stuff done.


Suck it up. Getter done!

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A Quick Fix for Old Habits (AmyKism #63)
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What do kissing your spouse and making your bed have in common? They’re both great habits. But not all your habits gonna get you where you want to go. Watch AmyKism #63 if you’re making some big, new plans you’d actually like to achieve. Hugs, AmyK