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Replace Balance with THIS and Life Gets Easier & Funner!

It’s been a busy 2018 and we’re all running 90mph+.

3 of my most recent oh-so-insightful resources to help you take this 90mph life… in stride.

  1. How do you survive the entrepreneurial roller coaster?
    Discover 4 daily hacks for not only surviving the ride but loving the thrill of the dips & twists.
    Read my latest article in Entrepreneur mag.
  2. Mastermind groups are masterful for upping your game. What’s in it for you?
    Listen to my podcast interview at Beautifully Equipped and figure out what you’re missing.
  3. Balance is a crock. But what’s better than balance? This answer may surprise you!
    Watch my super short video with an awesome tool for the one thing that beats balance every time.

To better thinking for better living!

[FREE TOOL] Are you still relevant? You sure?!
| by AmyK

Hey there! Something new comes along. Daily. Right now we’re all trying our best to understand: • Blockchains • Cryptocurrencies • How best to redo our brackets now that “March Madness” is in full maddening mode. Whether we desire to invest in a cryptocurrency or not,.

What’s luck got to do with it?!
| by AmyK

Tomorrow there will be thoughts of: Green bagels & beer Too much cereal added to your Lucky Charms marshmallows Wearing green or risk getting pinched Being Lucky I wish you a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day and include three of my favorite quotes about this concept of.

1 Tip to Get the Attention of Your People (AmyKism #41)
| by AmyK

STOP. Imagine yourself saying something that ACTUALLY gets someone to look up from their phone enthusiastically. I know, pretty sweet, huh? Because it’s so rare. Here’s the bottom line: Leaders who praise their direct reports – specifically and selectively – get the attention of their people..