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AmyK motivational speaker, shares 1 tip for reaching and exceeding your goals

1 Tip to Reach & Exceed your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are a joke. And before you eye-roll at me – you know there’s truth in what I’m sayin’. And my empty gym is proof. Staying committed to our resolutions is easy on January 2nd, not so much on January 30th. What happens between.

4 tips to avoid being scared by your cash flow in 6 months

Most scary movies take place in hospitals, the woods or teenagers’ houses when they’re home alone and too clue-free to recall 911. Rarely does the scary movie begin with, “Hey, Mike, our cash-flow is shrinking.” Because that line is too scary for even Freddy Kreuger or.

AmyKism #28 (Video)

Need an excuse to get out of your office? Then watch AmyKism #28. When you join other departmental meetings, talk to people across the aisle, or simply witness how others work…you learn. And this learning fuels your ability to tackle your own challenges and seize the.