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AmyKism #16 (Video)

When it comes to culture, which comes first, the chicken or the egg?! Watch AmyKism #16 to find out!

Hollywood writers have this insider’s secret for Leaders

What do high performing company cultures and successful television shows have in common? Just about everything – minus an Emmy and the drama… hopefully. Both a show and a business create a product (or service), both must capture and hold the interest of their customers, both.

Ask AmyK – Your Questions Answered

Dear AmyK, Is it possible to train I.T. folks to be less insulting? We had a wave of customer complaints last week, and the theme running through all of the scenarios was that my technical support team is rude, condescending and dismissive. My business partners say.

Two Things to Sell in Every Sales Conversation

Whether you’re selling widgets, waffles, whiffle balls or wastebaskets, people purchase your product for only two reasons: good feelings and a solution to their problem. The mistake most sales people make is they think the good feelings are about them, not the Prospect’s feelings about him.