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What’s scarier than ghosts & goblins?

Happy Halloween! This is a day when we crave to be scared. But on most days, we’re not interested in being scared. Watch this video to find out 1 of the scariest things adults say. To more treats than tricks!

How to liven-up your relationship – start with lust

Dear AmyK, Spring Cleaning is in the air, and I’m down with dusting and de-cluttering the house, but what about relationships? Is there a way to freshen-up, liven-up and clean up my personal relationship without drama and counseling? My spouse and I could use a jolt..

AmyKism #17 (Video)

How might your best grade school teacher help you now?! Brilliant leaders share what they know. And they share it well! Did you ever have a super smart professor who couldn’t teach?! It’s frustrating when smart people cannot articulate messages clearly, simplify the complex, or share.

1 Tip for Avoiding Boring Meetings (AmyKism #10)

Time to spark some energy! We spend way too much time in meetings for them to be boring and unproductive. Yes, there is a better way. Check out AmyKism #10 and start thinking about how you can amp up the engagement and outcomes from your next.