Want to ignite your thinking?

Motivational Speaker, AmyK shares a quick reminder that being “off-line” helps you get “on-point.”

The Cost of Too Much Screen Time (AmyKism #62)

The constant intake of downloading headlines, scrolling through posts and being bombarded by everyone selling everything has a high cost. Watch AmyKism #62 and get a quick reminder that being “off-line” helps you get “on-point.”

The 1 time planning zilch is beneficial

Wanted: no agenda. Easier said than done. I get it. And still doable. Because taking time “off” for a day re-energizes your “on” the next. So stop thinking of all the reasons you can’t snatch a day for you, and start planning… zilch. Seriously, just pick.

Are You Creating A Culture Of Self-Expression?

In March I had the privilege of spending a week in Buenos Aires, and to say it’s a fascinating city is like saying, having Jim Carrey and Hugo Chavez to dinner might be entertaining. While most people go on and on and on about their travels,.