Want to ignite your thinking?

Motivational Speaker, AmyK shares a quick reminder that being “off-line” helps you get “on-point.”

The Cost of Too Much Screen Time (AmyKism #62)

The constant intake of downloading headlines, scrolling through posts and being bombarded by everyone selling everything has a high cost. Watch AmyKism #62 and get a quick reminder that being “off-line” helps you get “on-point.”

AmyKism #32 (Video)

Doing the same-o same-o may be easy, but it’s not exciting. Nor innovative. Nor competitively sustainable. Want to make a positive impact? Want to transform lives? Want to not be the most UN-interesting man or woman in the world?! Want to be a better you? Watch.

AmyKism #31 (Video)

What happens when leaders do THIS for 21 minutes a day? Creativity. Innovation. Better decisions. Brilliant results. (for starters!) Watch AmyKism #31 and see how even 21 minutes can make a BIG difference.

When You Need a Million Dollar Idea

What if you could… get more creativity & innovation out of your peeps, turn boring meetings into engaging, problem solving sessions, resolve objections & push back faster so your prospects convert and your clients stay longer, invest in the right ideas and get these ideas to.