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Motivational Speaker, AmyK shares how to get "unhooked"

How to Unhook with 3 Questions

We’ve all been hooked. By a headline. An enticing infomercial. A charlatan’s promise. A thought pattern. We’ve all been caught up in the wrong current. Group think. Gossip. Unfortunate trends. Bad habits. Negativity. Unhealthy relationships. In order to release ourselves from whatever entraps us, we must.

Motivational Speaker, AmyK shares the ONLY way to choose an ideal destination

The ONLY way to choose an ideal destination

I can spend hours looking at maps & seeing how things connect. Maps are awesome for giving us choices on how to get from point A to point B. But when it comes to picking a destination to travel to in the first place all maps.

Keynote Speaker, AmyK shares how a bunk bed teaches us how to let our inner child play

Oh, yes I did!

This picture is of the bunk bed in my hotel room last night. So what does a 47 year old weary traveler do when faced with this ridiculous “kid” bed? Get ridiculous too! I climbed the ladder. I crawled under the covers. I pulled out a.