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A Brilliant Bad-Ass Leader You Should Know [#2] 

This year I’m introducing you to a few of my favorite peeps in an interview series called A Brilliant Bad-Ass Leader You Should Know because each of these brilliant folks offer sage advice & provocative perspectives that will shake up your thinking so you can be your biggest,.

1 Tip to Get the Attention of Your People (AmyKism #41)

STOP. Imagine yourself saying something that ACTUALLY gets someone to look up from their phone enthusiastically. I know, pretty sweet, huh? Because it’s so rare. Here’s the bottom line: Leaders who praise their direct reports – specifically and selectively – get the attention of their people..

3 Questions to Get a High-Performing Team (AmyKism #40)

I’m pulling no punches this week. Warning: Watching this video might make you a skosh uncomfortable. For a dose of directness, check out AmyKism #40, and answer my 3 questions at the end. But only if you think you deserve a brilliant, high-performing team.

Ask AmyK – Your Questions Answered

Dear AmyK, Is it possible to train I.T. folks to be less insulting? We had a wave of customer complaints last week, and the theme running through all of the scenarios was that my technical support team is rude, condescending and dismissive. My business partners say.