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Recently overheard conversation at the airport (AmyKism #54)

Young Woman:  All our parents do is work. I’m not working that hard. Young Man:  Me neither. What’s the point? Young Woman:  I know, right? Life is supposed to be LIVED. To be fun. Young Man:  All that work for what? Young Woman:  I know, right? Young Man:  I’m hungry..

AmyKism #30 (Video)

How might standing in the middle of an intersection actually be good for you? Watch AmyKism #30 to find out.

Questions that Must Be Answered Before Starting a New Year

The holiday season is often overwhelmingly about hustle and bustle, parties, too many cookies and presents…lots of presents. Need more meaning from the holidays? Give the gift of peace to yourself so that you might be a better gift to the world going forward. A few.