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Motivational Speaker, AmyK shares a quick reminder that being “off-line” helps you get “on-point.”

The Cost of Too Much Screen Time (AmyKism #62)

The constant intake of downloading headlines, scrolling through posts and being bombarded by everyone selling everything has a high cost. Watch AmyKism #62 and get a quick reminder that being “off-line” helps you get “on-point.”

AmyKism #4 Video

What are you doing this weekend?! Playing golf this weekend? Binge watching some brain candy drama? Chillaxing with friends and family? You should be! People who take mini-breaks have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve.

Does Your Life Pass the Creativity & Innovation Quiz?

Leaders often ask, Who motivates the motivator? Today we’re asking, Who or what innovates the innovator? Does your life pass the five-question creativity & innovation quiz? In business we tend to talk a lot about creative and innovative cultures, focusing on physical environments, the need for.