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Take AmyK’s V-Day Challenge!

This Valentine’s Day I’m challenging you to “share the love.”

In addition to buying flowers and cards and thanking the Universe for serving up another excuse to indulge in dark chocolate, I want you to expand your perspective beyond romantic notions and dinner by candlelight and share the love through gratitude and appreciation.

In a world where we run around at 90mph or faster, it’s important to stop and truly connect with one another and thank someone, specifically, for the sweet goodness they bring into our lives.

So here’s my challenge: text 2 people a mini-thank you note on Valentine’s Day. Pick two individuals and thank them for something they did or for something they do that positively impacts your life. Let them know you value and appreciate them.

A few examples:

Thank you, Laura. Thank you for walking Max every Tuesday. He loves it and I so appreciate it. Hugs, Sue

Thank you, Mark. Thank you for helping me clean out the garage last week. It’s so much more organized, and it means a lot to me. Love you, kiddo. Dad.

Thank you, Karen. Thank you for leading a tough discussion with the engineering team. We made a lot of progress. I appreciate your leadership. Dan.

Thank you, Kevin. Thank you for always bringing my mom dinner on Thursdays. Caroline and I really appreciate your support. Nate.

Whoever needs a heartfelt thank you…send ‘em one. It takes only a few seconds to brighten someone’s day, give ‘em a smile and tell them they are having a positive impact in your life.

And of course you can send more than two texts. In fact, I highly encourage you to send multiple thank you texts. Then reward yourself for all that exhausting texting with dark chocolate truffles.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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