Want to ignite your thinking?

The 1 time planning zilch is beneficial

Wanted: no agenda.

Easier said than done. I get it.

And still doable.

Because taking time “off” for a day re-energizes your “on” the next.

So stop thinking of all the reasons you can’t snatch a day for you, and start planning… zilch.

Seriously, just pick one day this summer.

One day to schedule nothing. [And coordinate & delegate like a whirling Tasmanian devil ahead of time if you have to.]

Pick your day.

Not a single phone call.

Not one appointment.

No pick-ups.

No to-dos.

Nada. Nil. Zippo.

Let the day unfold.

You may end up…

climbing a hill,

having a real conversation,

reading a book,

donating your time,

sipping a hot cup of coffee,

feeling a little confused about who you are without your “to-do” list identity,

listening to your heartbeat,

dunking a donut,

exploring a new spot,

crossing thresholds,

laughing with a friend,

helping someone in need,

popping a cork,

watching the waves,

riding your bike,

having some serious kick-ass ideas,

reconnecting with your soul.

And it’s normal if you stand in your kitchen with slight paralysis while you figure out exactly what it is you do wish to do.

You may end up relaxing, refueling, rejuvenating or hyperventilating.

My hypothesis is you’ll discover a little lost part of you.

Warning: side effects may include feelings of contentment and possible flashes of stellar insight. Both are known to induce smiling.

And to all you over-achievers, live by the list-ers, must run 90mph-ers who think the whole idea of a day “off” is crazy and irresponsible and thoroughly weird…

You’re right. It is weird. So very weird. And so very worthwhile.

To your upcoming no-agenda day! I dare ya.




I’m practicing what I preach next week in NYC.

One day in the big city… with no agenda.

And yep, I’m getting’ a bit giddy about it.

When’s your no-agenda day?!


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