What is Theta Time?

Profit as defined by cash, time, energy, focus, fulfillment, purpose, happiness. You know… the silly little things in life.

Theta is the only brain “state” that produces brilliant ideas that lead to innovative solutions.

While it is a well-debated and highly controversial topic, Eureka! moments do indeed occur, just not sitting on the couch nor in a vacuum. Well, unless of course you’re Dyson.

Many people have their best ideas right before they fall asleep, journaling, while they are in the shower, exercising or participating in high-level dialogue.

You might be thinking, okay, great, but I need new ideas in the marketing department, with my sales team, or in logistics, and I can’t exactly ask my people to shower together let alone sleep together. Well…okay, you’re right. But you can ask them to get into Theta time together with disparate physical and mental activities designed to ignite their critical thinking and problem solving. And it’s fun!

Theta is a brain state wherein we are our most creative. In Theta time, synapses that never talked to each other find one another…yielding new approaches, new possibilities, and new ideas. Eureka! Reflection. Evaluation. Prediction. These three types of critical thinking are all activated in Theta.

In Theta, we see patterns, connections, threads and relationships that may never have existed before…and this ideation leads to innovation.

Scheduling Theta time is inherent to our success. Need another excuse to play golf, go for a hike or just sit still to reflect for a sec?! You just got one. Spending time with others in a relaxed state, tuning out the world while you pump your heart rate up or just tuning-in helps your brain to produce viable solutions to the challenges you’re attempting to solve.

Asking thought-provoking, higher-level questions with other super smart, cool people is a brilliant way to ignite Theta and help you successfully tackle your challenges and opportunities.

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