What if everyone in your company was thinking
more critically tomorrow? What would your ROI be?

How quickly might your business improve if your leaders could…

  • Ask better questions to get better results?
  • Create and retain competitive advantage?
  • Develop strong teams of committed, self-driven “A” players?
  • Engage and integrate Millennials with Xers and Boomers?
  • Align cross-functional teams?
  • Create a culture of accountability and collaboration?
  • Reach and exceed goals faster?
  • Convert strategy into execution and results?

Sounding like “corporate biz-buzz” word speak?

We agree… so click here to see how we break it down for real-world, tangible results!


What if your thinking was more far-reaching, energized, purposeful and clearer tomorrow? What would your ROI be?

How quickly might your life and legacy expand if you could…

  • Shift your perspective in such a way that you get a whole lotta energy in your day…multiple days in a row?
  • Express your gifts and talents in a way that makes you smile…no, not in that fake, clench-jawed way?
  • Increase your resiliency and persevere through life’s challenges more quickly and effectively?
  • Understand how to communicate better with those you really like and even those that drive you crazy?
  • Be more aware of what, with whom, and how you are supposed to be playing bigger and bolder in this wild world?!
  • Convert your dreams, aspirations and passionate ambitions into profitable results?

Sounding a little too good to be true?!

We agree… but it is true… so click here to learn how brilliant your life is about to be!

“AmyK Hutchens is one of the stand-out speakers of my 16 year Vistage career. She engaged everyone in the room, involved members experientially, and gave us tools to use as a group that will maximize our time together and enhance and expedite the processing of issues. If members implement just one of the many tools AmyK taught us during her three-hour presentation, their meetings will be more productive and their teams will be empowered, thereby, getting better results. Our members will be well-served by what they took away from our time together - as am I.”

-Julie Gammack, Chair, Vistage Worldwide

“AmyK captured and engaged our team with her incredible energy, vast knowledge, and engaging style. AmyK is extremely genuine and delivers strategies that encourage practical thinking which lead to critical conversations, which in turn lead to great outcomes. Thanks to AmyK, our management team has become more united in its vision for the future of our organization.”

-Laura Ellis, SVP, Baird & Warner

“During our AmyK innovation training we learned how to better utilize and unleash our creativity to solve problems. Too often we get stuck following the tried and true methods of our daily routines. AmyK shared practical tools and methodologies for getting out of our ruts, expanding our critical thinking and enhancing our problem solving abilities, both individually and as groups. The most valuable tool of the day, for me was the “Lightning Round” which in a matter of minutes helps unlock the deeper, more insightful questions needed to innovate, and I still use this tool regularly today.”

- Edward Roske, CEO, interRel Consulting

“Since I first heard AmyK speak, we have seen our sales increase each month to an overall improvement of 34.5%. The amazing part is not only the increase in new business but the retention for existing advertisers. Every one of our program advertisers has renewed and in many cases increased the business they are doing with us. AmyK’s ability to help us recognize the underlying needs of our client, and not just the surface need, has been a powerful tool for our company growth.”

–Mitch Dorsett, VP of Sales, Southeast Region, Equal Business Construction News